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criminal defense attorney qualifications

Some lawyers can say...
* They are Board Certified in Criminal Law.
* They have tried more than 80 jury trials.
* They worked more than nine years as a prosecutor.
* They served as a Chief Prosecutor in a felony district court.
* They have taught trial advocacy at the University of Texas Law School.
* They have tried jury trials in both State and Federal Court.
* They worked as a briefing attorney for a US District Judge.
* They are Certified to administer Field Sobriety Tests, having completed the same course that DWI enforcement officers must take.
* They have tried a breath test case to a jury and won.


How does all of this experience help you? Simple: I know the system inside and out. I know what prosecutors are looking for, how they assess a case, and what motivates them to offer the best plea bargains. If we can't strike a deal with the prosecutor, I won't waste my time - or your money - on defenses I know won't work. I will defend you aggressively and professionally.

Board Certified -- Criminal Law -- Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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