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Martens, Seay & Todd is a tax law firm handling only state tax and federal tax controversies and litigation. We are located in downtown, Austin, Texas. We represent clients who seek to challenge the results of federal income tax, estate and gift tax, payroll tax, and excise tax audits.

We assist clients and their accountants in challenging audits. We represent taxpayers through the administrative appeals process and in court. Our attorneys are licensed in all of the Texas courts, including the district courts, appeals courts and Texas Supreme Court. We are also licensed in the United States Tax Court, the Federal District Courts and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Since we limit our practice solely to federal tax disputes and Texas tax disputes, we don’t prepare returns, prepare wills, or engage in tax planning.

Federal Tax Litigation

Martens, Seay & Todd represents businesses and individuals in a variety of federal tax controversy and litigation matters. We limit our law firm’s tax practice areas to tax controversies and tax litigation. For our federal tax clients, we handle cases involving income taxes, estate and gift taxes, excise taxes, and payroll taxes. We have significant experience handling cases involving international tax issues, domestic tax issues, employee vs. independent contractor status issues, and other complex tax issues. In addition, we assist criminal tax attorneys in developing defenses for clients accused of violating the federal tax laws.

We handle tax disputes that typically range in amount from $25,000 to $10,000,000. We have the skills to represent clients at all levels—from the audit stage, through the administrative appeals process, and in court. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in all of the Texas state courts, the United States Tax Court, the United States District Courts, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

State Tax Litigation

Martens, Seay & Todd has one of the largest Texas state and local tax controversy and litigation practices in Texas. We represent clients in tax disputes involving most all Texas taxes, including sales and use tax, franchise tax, insurance gross receipts tax, inheritance tax, cigarette tax, tobacco products tax, alcoholic beverage tax, hotel occupancy tax, crude oil tax, natural gas tax, telecommunications tax, motor fuel tax, and motor vehicle taxes.

We also handle tax disputes arising in other states. We've represented clients in tax disputes with the states of Louisiana, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, North Dakota, Kansas, Florida, and others.

Our state tax clients include Fortune 500 companies involved in numerous industries, including tobacco and agriculture, steel, heavy equipment manufacturing, oil and gas, high technology, petrochemical refining, equipment leasing, defense contracting, insurance, wholesale, retail, cable television, manufacturing, and service industries.

We handle tax disputes at all levels, beginning with assisting clients' tax professionals and in-house accountants with the audit. For Texas tax, we routinely defend our clients through the Comptroller’s administrative court process and in the Travis County district courts. When necessary, we prosecute cases through the Third Court of Appeals in Austin, Texas, and through the Texas Supreme Court. For disputes with other states, we assist clients during the audit phase, represent them through the stats' administrative processes, and when necessary defend them in the states' court system, with the assistance of local counsel.

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