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Taylor, Dunham and Burgess, LLP represents clients in the litigation, arbitration and mediation of disputes in many areas of law. Our broad experience in various areas of law allows us to bring the full spectrum of this knowledge to bear on behalf of our clients. The following is a description of some of our areas of practice.

* COMMERCIAL LITIGATION. We represent clients in cases involving the interpretation and enforcement of contractual rights in the event a breach of contract is claimed. The breadth of these contractual rights matches the breadth of the types of contracts people can make, whether they are written, oral, for employment, for the sale of goods or services, or for the transfer of intellectual property. These disputes sometimes involve allegations of fraud or misrepresentation in the formation of the contracts or their implementation.

* INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LITIGATION. We represent clients in disputes involving the enforcement of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights. The firm’s patent experience is particularly extensive. We have handled patent disputes in many diverse areas, including patents pertaining to semiconductors, medical devices, software, oil and gas equipment, transmitters, clothing, golf clubs, lighting and bicycle parts.

* SECURITIES LITIGATION. We represent clients who are in suits involving the purchase, sale, or issuance of securities. This area of litigation includes claims of unsuitability, churning and fraud. We have represented clients in this area in state and federal courts and in NASD arbitration proceedings.

* PROFESSIONAL MALPRACTICE. We represent parties in disputes involving allegations that advisors failed to perform their duties according to the applicable standards of their professions. These actions involve professionals including attorneys, financial advisors, stock brokers, real estate brokers, accountants and auditors.

* CORPORATE FIDUCIARY LITIGATION. We represent corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies or other businesses, shareholders, partners, members, officers, directors or creditors in disputes involving allegations that business assets or business opportunities have been misappropriated, that squeeze outs have occurred or that those in control of the business acted negligently, fraudulently or failed to act in the best interest of the business’ other owners.

* BANKRUPTCY LITIGATION AND CREDITORS’ RIGHTS. We represent clients who are owed money on contracts for goods or services, judgments or for some other reason. This type of representation includes the collection of accounts through garnishment of bank accounts, execution on real property, repossession of collateral, representation in bankruptcy court in proceedings to lift the bankruptcy stay, dischargeability proceedings, and the defense of bankruptcy preference actions.

* EMPLOYMENT LITIGATION. We represent clients in disputes involving the enforcement of covenants-not-to-compete, rights to stock options, wrongful termination and discrimination.

* CONSTRUCTION LITIGATION. We represent owners, contractors, subcontractors, vendors or construction professionals in various aspects of commercial or residential construction projects. This includes the enforcement of construction contracts, allegations of non-payment or failure to perform, the filing or contesting of mechanics and materialman’s liens, and the assertion of rights to payment and performance bonds.

* PERSONAL INJURY AND DEFAMATION. We represent clients where there is an allegation of personal injury or defamation. This includes work on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in premises liability actions, automobile collisions, medical malpractice suits, and on-the-job injuries. We also represent clients where there is an allegation of oral or written defamation.

Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer - National Board of Legal Specialty Certification

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