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Our clients look to our trial and appellate lawyers for success in some of the toughest venues in Texas. We have represented clients in a broad range of cases covering an array of industries. While the types of cases are too varied to detail here, our experience includes:

Personal Injury
* Auto, truck and transportation
* Premises liability
* Suits against governmental entities

Professional Negligence
* Accounting
* Attorney
* Insurance
* Medical
* All other types

Commercial Litigation
* Consumer issues
* Contractual disputes
* Employment law disputes
* Real estate disputes
* Zoning disputes

Products Liability
* Automobile litigation
* Industrial litigation
* Medical device litigation
* Pharmaceutical litigation

Insurance Litigation
* Coverage disputes
* Subrogation
* Suits on policies

Other Litigation Matters
* Arbitration and Mediation
* Libel and slander
* Probate litigation

Business Transactions
* Family Law
* Health Care
* Probate
* Real Estate

Perhaps the most important aspect of our litigation expertise is the experience we have in the specific courts and cities throughout the state. Our lawyers have secured defense verdicts in traditionally plaintiff friendly areas because we try cases in those areas on a regular basis. We know the people - both judges and jurors - and we know what works in each area. Equally important, we understand the need to work collectively and cooperatively with other law firms and business partners in order to advance your interest.

We assist clients with everything from health care transactions and entity formations to complex commercial litigation. These areas of law include trial and appellate work.

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