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The Firm is actively committed to working with a variety of businesses owners in the day-to-day challenges of the present business climate. Our participation in tax-oriented business planning begins with your decision as to the type of legal entity that is best suited for your proposed business. Whether an entity should be formed as a traditional corporation, or another form of limited liability entity, or even a simple partnership must be considered. You should ask questions about exit strategy, during life and upon death. The ownership distribution, now and in the future, affects all these choices.

In addition to the initial business structure, the Firm works collaboratively in developing buy-sell agreements, structuring compensation and pension plans, and negotiating leases and financing. As a business grows, we can assist in structuring acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures.

The Firm's broad business expertise is reflected in the variety of clients served. Our clients include high tech manufacturers, incorporated professionals, construction companies, retail businesses, and numerous service providers.

By nurturing a close relationship with owners of the business, the attorney assists the leadership in wisely planning the company's growth. Business owners are urged to be proactive in addressing potential legal issues. To identify issues and stay abreast of changes in the law, the Firm offers periodic seminars on issues ranging from employment law to legislative developments. The Firm is committed to a timely response to your business issues, for we appreciate the opportunity to listen to and participate in addressing the legal issues that impact the business decision of the moment and the future. We our committed to providing our business clients cost-effective service.

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