Bennie Ray
Defending Complicated D.W.I & Vehicular Homicide Cases

Bennie Ray
Attorney at Law
1307 West Ave
Austin TX 78701
Tel: 512 479-7775
Fax: 512 477-5773

Bennie E. Ray has been in practice since 1973 and represents clients all across Texas and Georgia. He is a graduate of Sam Houston University with a B.S.; The University of Houston School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree, and St. Edwards University with a M.A. in Human Services. He has lectured on Comparative Law at Cambridge University, International Criminal Law at the East China Institute of Politics & Law, and The Universidad National in Costa Rica. He is a member of The National DWI College and is a frequent lecturer on the subject of Ethics and the Law. He is Board Certified in Criminal Law with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
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