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Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehab

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Find Texas Drug Rehab in Austin TX: * Texas Drug Rehabs * Texas Drug Rehabilitation * Drug Rehab Texas * Texas Alcohol Rehab * Alcohol Rehab Texas * Drug Treatment Texas * Residential Treatment READ MORE

R Allen Rogers

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Austin DWI Attorney. Austin DWI Attorney & Lawyer Firm. Serving Travis, Williamson, Hays & Bastrop County. The Dunham Law Firm is a Texas law firm specializing in DWI and drunk driving defense case READ MORE

Chris Gunter

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Here at Gunter and Bennett, we represent individuals and entities under investigation for or charged with all state and federal crimes. With nearly 50 years combined experience, we provide representat READ MORE

Carl D Ceder

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DWI Austin, TX / DWI San Antonio, TX - Jamie Balagia - The DWI Dude - Austin DWI Lawyer - Austin DWI | San Antonio DWI | DWI Austin | DWI San Antonio | Austin DWI Attorney | San Antonio Dwi Attorney | READ MORE

Robert L Buford III

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Preeminent Austin DWI law firm All Lawyers Board Certified in Criminal Law Former felony DWI prosecutor on staff Robert L Buford III Buford & Gonzalez LLP 700 Lavaca St #405 Austin TX 7870 READ MORE

David B Frank

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David B Frank Attorney & Counselor at Law 1212 Guadalupe St #103 Austin TX 78701 Tel: 512 499-0969 Fax: 512 499-8220 E-mail: drav@aol.com READ MORE

William B Mange

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Lawyer, Legal Services Austin. Criminal Lawyer (How to Hire), Criminal Defense Attorney, Austin Texas criminal defense attorney qualifications Some lawyers can say... * They are Board Certi READ MORE

Samuel E Bassett

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Austin DWI Lawyers / Travis County Criminal Defense Attorneys: DUI, Drug Possession, Austin TX * Computer Crimes * Criminal Defense * Drug Offenses * DWI * Expunction * F READ MORE

Kenneth M Gibson

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Austin Texas DWI Attorney - DWI Victories, DUI Police Mistakes & More! Law Office of Ken Gibson 700 Lavaca St #1010 Austin TX 78701 Tel: 512 469-6056 Fax: 512 469-9060 E-mail: ken@austindwi.co READ MORE

Bennie Ray

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Defending Complicated D.W.I & Vehicular Homicide Cases Bennie Ray Attorney at Law 1307 West Ave Austin TX 78701 Tel: 512 479-7775 Fax: 512 477-5773 E-mail: bennieeray@aol.com Bennie E. Ray READ MORE

Gary R Thomas

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I have practiced criminal defense law for over 25 years, in Texas, Montana and South Dakota. I had the HGN (the "eye" test) thrown out of Montana Courts unless the State can bring an expert to testify READ MORE
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